The Whiskey Accessory

About the founder

The Whiskey Accessory was started by Robbie Schultz - an ex-financial advisor and lover of all things whiskey.  Robbie grew up around his aunts and uncles who enjoyed old fashions and whiskey-on-the-rocks during the holidays and family functions.

In his mid-20's, Robbie realized he inherited his family's love of whiskey; he started with the same drinks his family loved - Old Fashions and Wild Turkey on-the-rocks. 

One day, he was invited to a Scotch Whisky tasting, which is when he discovered Islay whisky.  

Today, Robbie's favorite scotch whisky is a simple 10-year Laphraoig, and he continues to love an old fashion, and bourbon or rye whiskey on-the-rocks, as well.  

About The Whiskey Accessory

In 2018, The Whiskey Accessory was launched to help whiskey lovers supplement their love of the spirit.  When Robbie was a financial advisor, he placed a whiskey decanter in his office - it became the centerpiece of the space, and clients loved the accent piece. 

From that moment, Robbie began to appreciate the ability to accessorize the whiskey experience.  He started using whiskey stones, and uniquely shaped ice molds, to impress his friends and clients.

Today, The Whiskey Accessory is a place where whiskey lovers can find unique items to supplement their whiskey passion.  It's also the perfect site to purchase whiskey related items for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or just to tell your whiskey loving lover you appreciate them. 

So welcome to The Whiskey Accessory - we hope you find everything you need to supplement your love of whiskey!