Round Ice Cube Mold Tray Silicone Ice Sphere Maker

Round Ice Cube Mold Tray Silicone Ice Sphere Maker

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Item Description:



· Material:  Silicone



· Size18.5*12.5*4.8cm  (4.5*4.5*4.5cm each ice ball)



· ColorBlack



·  Item TypeIce Sphere Maker 



· Quantity1 set



· Weight200g



· BrandComzendle      








· FLEXIBLE ICE CUBE TRAY - Unlike the traditional stiff plastic ice cube trays, these silicone ice trays are extremely flexible and their unique design make it easy for removing ice. Great for filling ice buckets!



· HIGH QUALITY SILICONE MOLD – BPA free black silicone ice trays are 100% safe and effective freezing liquids like juice, soup, and even baby food. Better yet, each tray is easy to clean off quickly because they’re dishwasher safe.









· 1. Before first use, please clean it with water and then disinfect it in hot water. 



· 2. To prevent the ice from expanding, follow the instruction and do not add too much water. 



· 3. Do not clean the ice cube trays with sharp objects or strong detergent. 



· 4. After using, please clean and store it in dry place, do not expose to fire sources or direct sunlight. 



· 5. It is normal that silicone products may have some odor at the first use, you should remove smell according to following method. 




How To Remove Smell:



· 1. Clean it with cleanser first, and then dip it into boiled water for 2 hours. (Milk/ orange peels/ toothpaste also can be used to deodorize). 



· 2. After cleaning, place it in ventilate place for 20 minutes. 



· 3. The odor will gradually disappear after long term use. 









· Please allow small measure difference because the product is hand-measured.



· As the shooting light, angle and color displays, physical and photos maybe some differences! Kind prevail.





Package Included:



· 1 x Ice Sphere Maker Set








· Capacity200ml



· This product material is clean, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.



· Water injection is the self-sealing structure.



· It has the flexibility, the capacity of large refrigeration effect is good.



· It will not cause much water pollution after melting.






· This product is suitable for the storage and transportation of low-temperature products such as plasma matsutake vegetable and dairy products.      

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